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Long Lost Lovers Reconnect

Len Albrighton and Jeanette Steer were teenagers when they met during nurse training at St. Mary’s Hospital in England. They fell in love fast and started planning a wedding only a few months later. At the time, the age of consent for marriage in England was 21 and Jeanette was only 18. Since Jeanette didn’t have her parent’s permission to marry Len, the wedding was called off. Len moved to Australia and got married, and Jeanette ended up marrying and settling down on the Isle of Wight. 52 years later, Len was divorced and decided to track down Jeanette. He showed up at her home on the Isle of Wight, but Jeanette turned down his advances since she was still married. Two years later, however, Jeanette’s husband died and she reconnected with Len. The couple moved in together and ended up getting married, 60 years after their original wedding plans. Len, Jeanette, and their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren are now one big happy family.

Image via Len Albrighton / SWNS

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