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Spreading Smiles With Books

Emily Bhatnagar spent most of her senior year of high school in the hospital as a caregiver to her father, who was fighting stage 4 thyroid cancer. Bhatnagar was shocked to see kids undergoing cancer treatment at the hospital, and couldn’t imagine children enduring the same pain as her father. The teen knew she had to help, and decided to organize a used book drive since reading is what got her through the hard times of being in the hospital. Bhatnagar received an outpouring of support and ended up launching For Love and Buttercup– a book donation program for pediatric cancer patients. So far, Bhatnagar has collected over 15,000 books to donate to hospitals in the Washington, D.C. area, and even sent a donation to the hospital where her father received treatment. Bhatnagar’s father is thankfully cancer-free, and he now serves as his daughter’s transportation to drop off books at hospitals.

Image via TODAY / Emily Bhatnagar

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