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Largest Parrot Colony

The largest colony of parrots in the world reside in the sandstone cliffs of the northern Patagonian desert. The colony of 37,000 burrowing parrots build nests into the cliffside, which can be as large as 9 feet deep. Due to deforestation, wildlife trade, and climate change, food sources for the parrots are scarce. As a result, the colorful birds often have to fly three hours away to find berries and seeds to bring back to the nest. Burrowing parrots are known for their sociable nature and are highly affectionate birds; they can often be seen kissing one another and exploring the beautiful cliffside together. Wildlife activists are working to protect Patagonia’s vulnerable ecosystem to ensure that the burrowing parrot colony maintains its impressive size and continues to thrive.

Image via CNN

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