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Endurance Ship Discovered

106 years after its disappearance into the icy Antarctic waters, the Endurance ship has been found at the bottom of the Weddell Sea. Explorer Ernest Shackleton set off on Endurance, an 144-foot wooden ship, in 1915 to become the first person to cross Antarctica. The ship was crushed by ice as it neared the destination and eventually sank. Marine archaeologists and technicians used underwater drones in an 150-mile radius off the Antarctic Peninsula to locate the shipwreck. The word “Endurance” is still clearly displayed across the ship’s stern and much of the wreck has been well-preserved. There are minimal wood-eating organisms in Antarctica and the freezing water is essential for preservation. The shipwreck has been named a historical monument and was left untouched, but images of Endurance will be used in museums and a documentary.

Image via National Geographic

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