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Empty-Nester’s Hedgehog Hobby

When Kitty Johnson’s only child left for college last year, the 64-year-old worried about how she would fill her time. To keep her mind occupied, Johnson started volunteering with the Hodmedods Hedgehog Support organization in her town of Norwich, England to bring injured hedgehogs to safety. So far, she has rescued dozens of hedgehogs from private properties, alleyways, trash cans, and more. Hedgehogs are native to the area, but an increase in housing developments have limited their habitats and forced the animals into residential areas. Johnson has saved baby hedgehog siblings who were abandoned on the side of a road, brought ill hedgehogs to the vet, and even created a hedgehog feeder in her personal garden to serve as a respite for the small creatures. Hedgehog rescuing has given Johnson a new sense of purpose and even inspired her to write a book called “Prickly Company”, which follows a woman’s journey creating a “hedgehog highway” through neighborhood gardens and befriends the animals in the process. 

Image via The Guardian

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