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Dry Cleaners Help Baby Turtles

A dry cleaning store called Best Cleaners in Middletown, Connecticut, has become a passageway for turtle hatchlings and their mothers. Female turtles in the area created a path from Pameacha Pond to a marsh on the other side of the store, where they settle down every summer to lay their eggs. By the end of the summer, a crew of hatchlings take the journey in reverse to move from the marsh back to the pond. The journey to and from the marsh requires the turtles to cross a busy road outside the store, and Best Cleaners staff are constantly outside monitoring the street to ensure that the turtles are able to cross safely. When turtles get lost inside the store or its parking lot, employees guide them back to the pond or marsh. Best Cleaners believes it’s their responsibility to look out for the hatchlings since this migratory path existed long before the development of the store.

Image via Best Cleaners

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