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Dog Finds Owner’s Kidney Donor

44-year-old Lucy Humphrey and her partner planned a getaway with their two dogs, Indie and Jake, to Cold Knap beach in Wales to take their minds off Humphrey's declining health. As a result of Lupus, Humphrey was in kidney failure and would die without a transplant. While relaxing on the sand, Indie the doberman was drawn to a woman sitting down the beach and continually ran over to her. Humphrey approached the woman, 40-year-old Katie James, to apologize for her dog’s behavior and invited James to a barbeque that night. At the barbeque, Humphrey confided in James about her health, and James announced that she recently signed up for the kidney donation registry. After the trip, James got all the necessary testing and found out she was a perfect match for Humphrey, which is a one in 22 million chance for Humphrey’s type of Lupus. They had a successful transplant, and Humphrey’s life has officially been saved thanks to Indie’s instinct to bring her to James on the beach.

Image via BBC News

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