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Cards For Ukrainian Kids

Dirk Astle, a restaurant owner in Salt Lake City, decided to take time off from work to help with the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. The first lady of Utah, Abby Cox, had started a letter drive for people to write messages of support for children who are fleeing the war-torn country. Astle picked up 100 pounds of handwritten cards from Cox’s house and used his frequent flyer miles to travel to the Poland-Ukraine border. Since then, he’s been delivering cards to kids and families in a refugee camp managed by United Sikhs, a humanitarian organization. The kids are thrilled to know that people out there care about their safety, and it helps put a smile on their face in such a frightening time. Additionally, Astle is helping coordinate shuttle services for refugees to help families seek safe shelter. Thank you, Dirk, for your heartwarming efforts!

Image via Dirk Astle

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