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Carbon Storing Bricks

Graphyte, a startup backed by Bill Gates, is making great strides in creating methods to store air pollution. Graphyte created bricks made from plants, wood chips, and rice hulls that are buried underground and store CO2. Their simple approach is much cheaper than alternatives available— Graphyte’s bricks store a ton of CO2 for $100 per ton, whereas other air pollution technologies cost between $600-1,200 per ton. The company takes plant waste from timber companies, paper mills, farmers, landscapers, and more. It is then compressed into shoebox-sized bricks that are placed 10 feet underground to remove the CO2 that is released in the plant decay process. Graphyte’s technology is a game changer in thinking about how major polluter industries—like construction and aviation— can free CO2 from the atmosphere and slow the effects of climate change simply by offering up their plant waste. 

Image via Yahoo

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