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Bowie’s Law Saves Pets

The California Assembly recently introduced Bowie’s Law, which requires animal shelters to provide 72 hours of notice to the public before euthanizing an animal. The law aims to save as many pets as possible by giving the public opportunity to take in an animal before they are euthanized. Bowie’s Law is named in honor of a 3-month-old puppy named Bowie, who was mistakenly euthanized in a Los Angeles shelter despite an animal rescue group wanting to adopt him. Bowie’s Law also requires the state to investigate the issue of overcrowding in animal shelters and prevents shelters from euthanizing treatable animals. If instated, Bowie’s Law will be a big win for animal rights advocates and pet lovers alike, as it will save countless animals from an unnecessary fate.

Image via Los Angeles County Animal Care and Control

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