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Baby Sumatran Rhino

The Sumatran rhino population is on the brink of extinction with only 80 of the majestic creatures remaining. However, a baby Sumatran rhino was recently born at a national park in Indonesia, sparking hope for the species’ future. The Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary in the Way Kambas National Park, where the baby rhino was born, currently houses eight Sumatran rhinos and protects them from harm. The biggest threats to Sumatran rhinos are habitat loss and poaching. Since the animals only reside in the Sumatra and Borneo islands, it’s difficult for them to reproduce with limited pockets of land available for their use. Animal activists are hopeful that the population will continue to grow if sanctuaries prioritize conserving their environments and encourage breeding.

Image via Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry

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