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Airbnb’s Houses Ukrainian Refugees

Airbnb is offering free housing to those fleeing war-torn Ukraine. Short-term accommodations are available for up to 100,000 refugees in Poland, Germany, Hungary, and Romania. The stays are fully funded by Airbnb, it’s hosts, and donors to it’s Refugee Fund. Airbnb hosts can donate stays for free or at a discounted rate to help keep the initiative alive. Eligible refugee guests will stay in the home and get assistance from Airbnb’s nonprofit partners. Individuals can also rent stays from Ukrainian Airbnb hosts. Though users won’t actually travel there, the host still receives the payment for the stay. The company is working with governments across Europe to facilitate longer-term stays for those in need, and is working with nonprofits on the ground in each country to ensure refugees have the resources they need.

Image via Airbnb

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