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Afghan Guide Funds Girls’ School

23-year-old Fatima Haidari, Afghanistan’s only female tour guide, gives virtual tours of cultural and historical landmarks in Afghanistan through the organization Untamed Borders. Haidari previously gave in-person tours, but she was forced to flee to Italy for safety when the Taliban took over in Afghanistan. She now conducts her virtual tours from Italy to people around the world who are interested in learning about Afghan culture and want to support an important cause. Haidari gives half of the profits from her tours to an underground school in Afghanistan that secretly educates girls. The Taliban prohibits education for girls, so this secret school is the only option for 30 young women living under Taliban rule. Haidari’s contributions provide books and stationery for students as well as paying for teachers. You can register for one of Haidari’s tours here.

Image via Untamed Borders

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