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Woman Switched at Birth Finds Mother

Diane Bazella had always known she was adopted, but it wasn’t until her twenties that she set out to find her birth parents. Bazella quickly tracked down the woman who was named on her birth certificate, and was disappointed when she didn’t share a strong bond with her biological mother. In the hopes of connecting with other family members, Bazella took a DNA test and was shocked at the results— she didn’t match with any of the individuals she thought were her biological relatives. Over the next several years, Bazella contacted people on her genealogy report and conducted her own research. She eventually discovered that her birth certificate was wrong— Bazella had actually been switched at birth at Booth Memorial Hospital in Minnesota with another baby girl. 40 years after starting her search, Bazella was able to connect with her real biological mother, now 81-year-old Sherri Nordlie Geerts. The two started corresponding regularly, formed a beautiful relationship, and are celebrating their very first Christmas together this year. Although it took decades for the women to find each other, they are so grateful to finally be in each other’s lives. 

Image via Fox News

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