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Turning Sewage Into Water

Although Namibia is the driest country in Sub-Saharan Africa, 99% of residents in the capital city of Windhoek have access to clean drinking water. The city’s water system turns sewage into drinking water in just 24 hours in a process called DPR— direct potable reuse. Windhoek was the first city in the world to implement a DPR water system. Now, countries around the world are studying Windhoek to cope with droughts that decrease access to drinking water. DPR uses a multi-barrier treatment that eliminates pollutants, human waste, and pathogens from the water, which is then distributed across the city. The water is continuously monitored to ensure it meets the World Health Organization’s guidelines for clean drinking water. Windhoek’s DPR system has greatly increased access to drinking water, and it’s likely that the trend will spread to other countries in the coming years.

Image via Positive.News

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