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Foster Dog Saves Family

This summer, the Cushna family in Portsmouth, Virginia, decided to participate in Paws Around PTown— a program that allows community members to take a dog out of the Portsmouth Humane Society shelter for the day. The family had such a great time when they took home Moose, a Great Pyrenees, that they decided to keep the dog for an extra night in their houseboat. Early the following morning, Moose ran around the boat waking up the kids and parents to alert them of a fire on the houseboat next door. The family and Moose ran from the home just moments before flames reached them, and the Cushnas credit Moose with their safe escape. Due to the circumstances of losing their home, the Cushna family unfortunately wasn’t able to keep Moose, but a family living on a nearby farm heard about the heroic pup and decided to adopt him. Moose is now loving his new life with his forever family, and Cushnas are eternally grateful that Moose saved them in time.

Image via WTKR

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