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Surprise for a Teacher

Julio Castro is a beloved math teacher at the YULA Boys High School in Los Angeles. When Mr. Castro’s students learned that their favorite teacher spends four hours a day commuting, they knew they had to help. Since he doesn’t have a car, Mr. Castro wakes up at 4:30 AM to scooter and bus to school, oftentimes not returning until late in the evening when his three kids are already asleep. As a surprise for Mr. Castro, his students organized a fundraiser to buy him a car. Over the course of several months, they raised $30,000 to get a Mazda CX-3, car insurance, and a year’s worth of gas. The students planned a “Faculty Appreciation” event, which was really an excuse to present the 31-year-old teacher with this amazing gift. Mr. Castro was shocked and is so excited that he will now have more time to spend with his family and creating lesson plans instead of commuting back and forth.

Image via Patch

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