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Stolen Library Books Returned

An employee of The City Library in Gothenburg, Sweden recently showed up to work to restock books while the building was closed for the day. To her surprise, however, the library was full of visitors. A librarian had forgotten to close the door the day prior, so residents assumed it was business as usual at the town's beloved library. The employee promptly instructed everyone to leave, but the damage had already been done. 446 people came into the library that day, and 245 of them took books without documenting it in the library’s system. The library worried that they wouldn’t get their books back, but thankfully they were wrong. Within mere days, all 245 books were safely returned. The City Library says the good deed proves the value of community and civil responsibility in Gothenburg, and they are delighted that all of their books have returned home.

Image via Danges Nyheter

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