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Solo Sailing the Pacific

83-year-old Kenichi Horie set sail on a solo mission across the Pacific Ocean, nabbing the title as the oldest person to ever complete the treacherous journey. Back in March, the Japan native started his trek from San Francisco and spent the next 69 days alone on the water. Horie crossed the finish line upon arriving in the Kii Strait off Japan’s western coast. Horie may now be the oldest person to finish the voyage, but it isn’t his first time doing so. Back in 1962, 23-year-old Horie became the first person to ever solo sail from Japan to San Francisco. This time around, he decided to do the route in reverse. Horie told AP, “I’m still in the middle of my youth” and claims he still has a lot more to accomplish. With this feat, Horie is proving that age really is just a number.

Image via AP

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