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Skydiving Helps Paralyzed Vet

After Army veteran Alex Dillman became a paraplegic during his service in Afghanistan, he struggled to find ways to reconnect with his body. Dillman found joy in an unexpected activity: skydiving. He doesn’t have to rely on a wheelchair to be able to successfully complete a jump, and the adrenaline rush has been instrumental in helping him overcome PTSD. Dillman first turned to skydiving to show his young son that having a disability won’t hold him back from doing challenging things. It took years for Dillman to create a personalized strategy to skydive without use of his legs, but he has now mastered the craft and can do solo jumps. Dillman is currently working to share the benefits of adventure therapy with others who have disabilities by starting a non-profit called Skydive First. 

Image via Good News Network 

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