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Secret Millionaire Donates Fortune

Hinsdale, New Hampshire, is a quiet town of 4,200 people, with little to do outside of hiking and fishing. Geoffrey Holt spent decades as the caretaker of Hinsdale’s mobile park, where he could often be found riding his lawnmower, teaching driver’s ed at the local high school, or doing odd jobs for neighbors. Holt’s simple life never suggested that he was actually a secret multimillionaire. When Holt passed away earlier this year, his will indicated that his $3.8 million fortune should be left to the town for education, health, recreation, and culture. Nobody in the community was aware of Holt’s secret wealth, which he acquired over the years through investing. The town is full of ideas on how to use the money, including restoring buildings, setting up an online driver’s education course, or buying a new ballot machine. Holt didn’t need material things to be happy, and Hinsdale leaders say they will follow in Holt’s footsteps in being frugal and intentional when it comes to spending their newfound town fund. 

Image via CBS News

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