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Running Across Ireland

Robert Pope, a British ultramarathon runner, became the first person to run the width of Ireland in less than 24 hours. The 44-year-old completed the 134 mile trek from Galway City to Dublin in 23 hours and 39 minutes. Pope used social media to talk about the run, which he called #EdgetoEdge, and used it as an opportunity to fundraise for the World Wildlife Fund. He took only five weeks to train for the crazy journey and started the run with a pint of Guinness in Galway. On the day of the run, Pope’s friends, family, and groups of strangers cheered him on along the route. Pope listened to U2’s entire catalog to push him to reach Dublin, fueling periodically with Coca-Cola, bananas, and painkillers. The impressive feat culminated at Dublin’s Samuel Beckett bridge, Pope’s finish line, where he celebrated with another pint of Guinness.

Image via Rob Pope

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