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Book Kiosk in Syria

After spending seven years fighting in the Syrian civil war, Mohamed Zaher realized that reading was the only thing helping him escape the trauma. The 32-year-old decided to bring the therapeutic power of books to other Syrians by starting the Wisdom Seller, a social project to connect Syrians with reading. The Wisdom Seller has a book kiosk full of thousands of titles that Zaher runs in the streets of Syria. Kids and adults are invited to read 15 or more pages of a book to receive a free cup of coffee. Once someone gets 15 pages in, they often are hooked and want to continue reading the book. Readers can take the book home with them if they return it later or replace it with a different book. The Wisdom Seller is primarily funded through donations and selling coffee. Zahar’s kiosk has become a center for Syrians to connect, discuss books, and open their minds to new literature.

Image via Wisdom Seller

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