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Rubik’s Cube Record Set

21-year-old Max Park recently set the record for fastest time solving a 3x3x3 Rubik’s Cube. The Cerritos, California native completed the puzzle in an astounding 3.13 seconds at a Word Cube Association event. Park was diagnosed with severe autism as a young child, and his parents gave him his first Rubik’s Cube to help develop his fine motor skills. Park struggled to make friends until he came across the speed-cubing community, which has become like family to him. The record-holder started participating in Rubik’s Cube competitions at the age of 10 and has become a talented and fierce competitor in the past decade. Speed-cubing has taught Park communication, social, and motor skills, and he’s wracked up an impressive collection of awards on the road to his new world record.

Image via Schwan Park

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