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NICU Babies Reunite at Prom

In August 2005, Tatum Kelly and Leighton Long were two of the infants spending time in NICU at Tristar Centennial Hospital in Knoxville, Tennessee. Tatum was born at 24 weeks and Leighton at 28 weeks, and both newborns needed significant medical attention in their first few months. Tatum and Leighton’s parents spent endless hours in the NICU together and bonded over their shared hardships. After the infants were released from the hospital, the parents kept in touch sparingly throughout the years. Tatum and Leighton sparked a friendship as teens, and Tatum recently asked Leighton to go to senior prom together. It was an emotional reunion for the now 17 year olds, who never would have thought that they met their prom date during their first days of life in the NICU. The Kelly and Long families are thrilled that their bond has lasted all these years and hope that they will remain friends for life.

Image via Lorrie Long

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