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NYC’s Pet Friendly Shelter

New York City’s first pet-friendly homeless shelter, called Uplift Families Residence, recently opened in the Bronx. The NYC Department of Homeless Services and the Urban Resource Institute teamed up to launch the pilot site, which includes 161 units, 587 beds, and five apartment-style family spaces. Research by People and Animals Living Safely shows that 50% of domestic abuse survivors would not leave an abusive situation unless they were able to bring their pet. Additionally, pets provide mental health support and companionship to people experiencing homelessness, regardless of their circumstance. With the opening of Uplift Families Residence, vulnerable New Yorkers and their pets will have a safe space to seek refuge. If the pilot program at Uplift Families Residence proves successful, the city hopes to make additional city shelters available to pets. 

Image via CBS News

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