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Meet the Team Behind: Global Fund For Children

Global Fund For Children provides financial and organizational support to child development organizations around the world. With initiatives in countries from Afghanistan, to Colombia, to India, to Zambia, and everywhere in between, GFC has a global impact that has helped millions of children access life changing programs. Learn more about their unique approach to helping children thrive here

What is GFC’s model? 

We identify innovative organizations, typically in the early stages of development, that are run by local leaders working with children and youth around the world. We fund our partners’ life-changing programs for children and youth, as well as their organizational development. We keep our grants flexible to maximize our impact and to meet needs that other funders are not willing to support. We advise, mentor, and guide our partners, and connect them to each other and to national and regional networks. Our partners emerge more sustainable and connected to the resources, people, and information they need to reach their goals. After graduation from the financial partnership, our partners remain vital peers and mentors in our growing global network.

What areas of work is GFC focused on? 

Global Fund for Children partners to build a world where all children and youth enjoy equal resources and opportunities in society and live free from violence, discrimination, and exploitation. To that end, GFC invests in innovative local organizations, helping them deepen their impact and build their capacity for social change. Together, GFC and its partners advance the rights of children and youth facing poverty and injustice and equip them with the tools and skills to reach their full potential.

What impact does GFC have on organizations?

Innovative leaders around the world need support for their programs. Since 1997, GFC has invested over $63 million in more than 1,000 organizations, reaching over 11 million children and youth worldwide. On average, organizations’ budgets triple during their GFC partnership, enabling them to expand and improve their programs for greater impact on children’s lives. We have 100+ community-based partner organizations working in the areas of education, gender equity, youth empowerment, and freedom from violence and exploitation in more than 20 countries around the world.

What makes GFC different from other nonprofits?

Global Fund for Children is the only global nonprofit dedicated to finding, funding, and coaching truly community-based organizations that empower children and youth. We are a trusted resource on topics related to international development, child and youth empowerment, grassroots investment and innovation, child rights and safeguarding, gender equity, and community and youth action for social change. We bring together community leaders and organizations around mutual challenges, geographies, and opportunities. Our initiatives help these local partners move out of isolation and deepen their impact for children and youth.


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