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Sarah Ehlers: Founder of A Broader View Volunteers

A Broader View Volunteers organizes volunteer trips around the world that leave lasting impacts on communities in need. From saving the sea turtles in Costa Rica, to teaching dance in Tanzania, to providing medical care in India, their volunteers do it all. Learn more about their work and how to get involved here!

What is the mission of A Broader View Volunteers?

A Broader View Volunteers is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that facilitates volunteer travel opportunities for individuals looking to make a difference in communities around the world. The organization is committed to responsible volunteering practices, emphasizing ethical and sustainable engagement with communities. We prioritize cultural immersion, safety, and the long-term impact of their projects.

What is the story behind your organization? 

I founded the organization in 2007 with my husband, and the organization was born out of our own experiences volunteering abroad and realizing the transformative impact it had on both the volunteers and the communities we’ve served. We wanted to create a platform that would provide meaningful and sustainable volunteer opportunities in various countries, focusing on education, healthcare, conservation, and community development. In starting A Broader View Volunteers, we aimed to foster cross-cultural understanding and empower volunteers to contribute to positive change globally.

What do your programs entail? 

A Broader View Volunteers partners with local organizations and NGOs in different countries to ensure that volunteers are placed in projects where they can make a real difference. We offer a wide range of volunteer programs, including teaching English, medical and healthcare assistance, orphanage support, conservation work, and more. Programs are available in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala, Colombia, Belize, Honduras and more! There are over 300 projects to choose from.

Can you tell me about your volunteers? 

A Broader View Volunteers seeks to inspire individuals to step out of their

comfort zones, broaden their perspectives, and actively participate in creating a better

world through volunteerism and cultural exchange. Volunteers from all ages and

backgrounds are welcome. Customized travel itineraries suitable for families, gap-year

travelers, professionals, and senior retirees.


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