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Letters for Foster Pup

When a pit bull mix named Maggie was taken in by the Duncan family, 6-year-old Roman was immediately smitten with the foster puppy. Roman helped his parents take care of Maggie until she was old enough to find a forever home. Eventually, Maggie was transported to North Shore Animal League in New York to get adopted. Before her departure, Roman wrote letters to Maggie’s new family and slipped them in her files. He talked about how she’s the best dog, is potty trained, loves cuddles, enjoys playing fetch, and how much their family adores her. They were complete with drawings of Maggie and plenty of adorable misspellings. The rescue manager at North Shore was incredibly touched by Roman’s letters and passed them along to Maggie’s forever family when she was adopted. Now, North Shore is connecting Roman with Maggie’s parents so he can be reassured that she will be with a loving family forever.

Image via North Shore Animal League America

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