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Kapalakasa Zelo Chiley: Co-Founder of Refugees Together for Social Transformation

Refugees Together for Social Transformation is committed to helping the refugee population in Uganda through skills training, language programs, community development, and more. Their work helps refugees integrate into society and reach their full potential with education, employment, and safety. Learn more about their impactful work here!

What is the story behind your organization?

I am a refugee from the DR Congo and now live in Uganda. I had experience in community development and wanted to help refugees and build lasting impact in communities. Refugees Together for Social Transformation started in 2020 and provides free skills training and language classes to refugees, asylum seekers, women with physical disabilities, and other displaced persons. Our goal is to empower refugees and asylum seekers to become self-sufficient, educated, and healthy members of society.

What are your focus areas?

Our programs focus on women’s empowerment, health services, income generation, social welfare, elderly care, and child development. We offer skills training to help refugees gain employment— our latest program is a computer course to teach women IT skills. Our other programs include language training, hair styling, tailoring, makeup, arts, and more. We also work on institutional development at the local level, with a specific focus on rural development since many of the areas where refugees live are rural.

How can individuals get involved in the work you do?

We are currently seeking computer hardware and software donations to help get our computer program started. We are in need of supplies to fill our computer lab and help as many refugees as we can. Donations help keep our programs running and fund our events, like our upcoming end of year Christmas celebration to bring holiday cheer to refugees. Since we are a small, volunteer based organization, every contribution counts.


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