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Happiness Expert Shares Lessons

Christopher Boyce has been studying happiness for decades at the University of Stirling in Scotland. He wanted to put his research into action, and spent months cycling to and around Bhutan, a country known for being atop the Gross National Happiness Index and prioritizing happiness in national policy. Now, the researcher is sharing what he learned about sustaining happiness along his journey. Boyce claims that deep happiness is grounded in hope, but allows for room for difficult emotions that are a natural part of life. Although setting goals is important, Boyce says we should be prepared to alter or let go of our goals if we become more focused on the outcome instead of enjoying the process. Our definition of happiness should include having quality relationships, prioritizing mental and physical health, living in line with our values, being generous and open to accepting generosity, having resilience, and spending time in nature.

Image via Positive.News

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