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Halloween Decor Wows Neighborhood

Jack-o-lanterns, ghosts, and spider webs are plentiful during Halloween season, but nothing compares to the creative decor on the front lawn of the Dinote home. The San Antonio family has earned the nickname “The Skeleton House” for the over-the-top Halloween displays on their front lawn, which change every day of October. Steven and Danielle Dinote, along with their teenage children, set up an elaborate scene with skeletons each morning, which takes around an hour. They’ve created everything from a luau, to a camping scene, to a golf game, to a scene from Disney’s “Hocus Pocus” movie. The Dinote’s unique tradition started during the pandemic, when the family was looking for a safe way to be festive and bring joy to the community. “The Skeleton House'' has become a neighborhood staple, with visitors stopping by every day to snap photos of the daily decorations.

Image via Steven Dinote

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