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Fugitive Flamingo is Found

In 2003, a group of 40 flamingos was brought from Tanzania to Sedgwick County Zoo in Wichita, Kansas. One adventurous flamingo, named Pink Floyd, escaped from the zoo on a rainy day in 2005 and never returned. Zookeepers searched the surrounding area to no avail and eventually called it quits. Since its escape, Pink Floyd has been seen in various locations across Texas, hundreds of miles away from Kansas. The bird’s yellow band with the number 492 etched on it, Pink Floyd’s identifying number at the zoo, allowed it to be spotted easily. The Gulf Coast climate is perfect for Pink Floyd and Sedgwick County Zoo has no plans to recapture the free flamingo. After spending the past 17 years in the wild, experts agree that Pink Floyd is better off in his new habitat.

Image via Sedgwick County Zoo

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