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From UberEats to Dream Wedding

Paul Slobidzian and his soon-to-be bride Aly Perkins have been delivering orders for UberEats for the past year and a half to save up for their wedding. Unbeknownst to Aly, Paul had been attaching notes to his delivery bags that read, “Thank you for your order! I’m driving for Uber on the side to give my fiancee the wedding she deserves. Any additional tip through the app or Venmo is greatly appreciated!” along with his Venmo handle. One of Paul’s UberEats recipients, Erica Hernandez, was touched by his thoughtful note and decided to upload it to her TikTok. The post took social media by storm, garnering 34 million views and counting. Donations from around the world began to pour in, and now the happy couple has more than enough money to fund their dream wedding. Paul and Aly invited Erica to their wedding as a thank you, and she said yes. 

Image via FOX

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