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Fossil Hunter’s Discovery

Amateur archeologist Chris Bien and her husband were in Holland-on-Sea, Essex to celebrate Bien’s birthday when she joked that she was going to find a mammoth’s tooth on the trip. That afternoon, Bien and her husband were walking on the beach when she saw a strange looking object poking through the gravel. She started digging and scraping away at the object, eventually uncovering a fossilized mammoth tooth. The seven-inch long, four pound tooth belonged to a steppe mammoth that resided in the area about 1.8 million years ago. Bien took the tooth home to begin the fossil preservation process, and is looking forward to showing off her find to her friends at the Brighton and Hove Archaeological Society. The rookie fossil hunter was shocked that she made the discovery of a lifetime on the very same day that she mentioned it to her husband, and the experience inspired her to continue looking for treasures in unlikely places. 

Image via SWNS

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