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Father-Daughter Comic Book

Famed comic book writer Ethan Sacks, who has penned Marvel and Star Wars comics, released a new book co-written with his 20-year-old daughter Naomi. The book was inspired by Naomi’s journey with anxiety and depression, and Ethan’s struggles as a parent when his daughter was hospitalized. Ethan encouraged Naomi to turn to a creative outlet to help process her thoughts, and the two decided to combine their forces to write a story together. “A Haunted Girl” is a supernatural story that follows a teen girl who navigates life and a demon apocalypse after a suicide attempt. The book also includes science-backed mental health techniques and resources for those struggling themselves. Naomi says that writing “A Haunted Girl” was very healing, and she hopes the book will help other young adults with mental health challenges feel understood. 

Image via People

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