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Family Hike Fossil Discovery

When Sam Fisher was on a hike in the Badlands with his two sons and nephew, they spotted a strange looking formation sticking out of a rock. The kids, who are amateur fossil hunters, quickly realized that it was a dinosaur bone. Fisher photographed the children with their prehistoric finding and sent the photo to Dr. Tyler Lyson, a paleontologist at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. Lyson invited Fisher and the young boys to join his excavation in the Badlands so he could determine where exactly this bone came from. Upon seeing the discovery for himself, Dr. Lyson concluded that the leg bone in fact belonged to a juvenile T. rex, and he was able to excavate an additional 30% of its skeleton in the surrounding rock. Juvenile skeletons are extremely rare to find, and the unearthed bones have sparked research studies on T. rex development. The boys were utterly shocked that they played a part in discovering such a monumental fossil, which will be on exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science starting June 21st. 

Image via CNN

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