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Dog Sparks Family Reunion

A little Spanish Podenco named Millie unintentionally facilitated a reunion between her owner, Alfie, and his brother and sister. 80-year-old Alfie hadn’t seen his brother and sister, Dave and Anne, in over 20 years. The siblings drifted apart after Alfie moved from their hometown in England to Spain, and Alfie’s siblings weren’t aware that he actually moved back home over a year ago. Alfie’s dog Millie has been in the press recently for her talent of picking up trash on the street as she goes on walks. While on a stroll in the neighborhood recently, Alfie’s brother-in-law spotted Millie picking up litter and knew that it was Alfie walking her. Upon learning that the siblings were all living in the same city again, they were able to reunite thanks to Millie’s noticeable skills.

Image via SWNS

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