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Celebrating 77 Years Later

When Meri Mon turned 13 back in 1945, her birthday was not as planned. During WWII, the U.S. Army Garrison Italy was traveling through Mon’s hometown of San Pietro fighting German soldiers. On the eve of her birthday, Mon hid in her attic to avoid gunshots. When she came downstairs in the morning to celebrate her birthday, she found that U.S. soldiers had eaten the birthday cake her mother had left in the kitchen. After sharing her story online, U.S. soldiers knew they had to right their wrongs. This year, to commemorate her 90th birthday, the U.S. Army Garrison Italy presented Mon with a meringue and fruit festooned cake, the same kind her mother had prepared 77 years ago. Mon tearfully accepted the cake and was excited to indulge in the sweet gesture with her family.

Image via USAG Italy

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