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Award For Medicine Lockers

Pelebox, a smart locker system that dispenses medication to patients, recently won the Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation. Medications are pre-packaged and loaded in a secure box, which patients can then open with a text message code. Pelebox is a major step in improving access to healthcare in Africa, as the internet-enabled lockers make medication more accessible and take pressure off of the limited number of hospitals and pharmacies to meet high demand. The unique technology was created by Neo Hutiri, a South African entrepreneur who has brought Pelebox to over 120 healthcare facilities around Africa. The Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation shines a light on startups that are making a tangible difference in communities and gives them the financial backing they need to maximize their impact. Pelebox was awarded $63,000 as this year’s winner, and Hutiri is looking forward to enhancing the product and broadening its reach. 

Image via CNN

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