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Trekking Across Antarctica

Preet Chandi, otherwise known as Polar Preet, is currently on a mission to become the first woman to cross Antarctica solo and without re-supplying. The 32-year-old is taking a break from her job as physiotherapist in the British Army to complete the 1,100-mile journey through the icy terrain. She anticipates that the trek will take her about 75 days and she will cross the frozen finish line in early 2023. Polar Preet recently became the first woman of color to complete a solo, unsupported trip to the South Pole, which took 40 days. On her journey through Antarctica, Chandi is dragging a sled with her belongings as she faces temperatures as low as -58 degrees Fahrenheit and winds up to 60 mph. Good luck, Preet!

Image via Preet Chandi

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