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Superhero Drawings Help Kids

The Superhero Project interviews kids with disabilities and illnesses about their personalities and strengths, and then transforms those stories into personalized superhero drawings. Hundreds of artists volunteer with The Superhero Project to provide these custom drawings to kids free of charge. One of their recipients, nine-year-old Michelle Luis, was frequently bullied at school for using mobility aids for her cerebral palsy. Her mother reached out to The Superhero Project, who then talked to Michelle about life outside of her diagnosis, her hobbies, and what she wants for her future. Michelle spoke about her love of music and singing, and how she wants to use her voice to change the world. Michelle’s superhero portrait shows her singing into a microphone with her beloved dogs by her side. The Superhero Project allowed Michelle to see herself as capable of achieving her dreams for the first time, and she was inspired to write and release her first song about bullying, titled “I’m Just Like You.” 

Image via CBC

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