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Subha Varma Pathial: Secretary of CORD USA

CORD USA, which stands for Chinmaya Organization for Rehabilitation & Development by Undertaking Sustainable Activities, is a nonprofit working to improve communities in India and Sri Lanka. Their programs are focused on creating sustainable income, empowerment, education, and strengthening community bonds. Learn more about their impactful work here!

Can you tell me about what makes CORD’s mission unique?

CORD USA is a project to provide basic health services to remote villages located in rural India and Sri Lanka. We are an organization helping villagers with income generation methods so that they can become self-sufficient. That includes a training center for women to learn skills in socio-economics, health, and education. Our programs are driven by the people we serve, address key needs, fill gaps in the current system, and are designed to be self sustainable.

What are some of your projects?

We have an environmental and civic awareness program where high school students organize community clean-ups, plant trees, and learn about ways to limit climate change. We also offer English tutoring and community integration services for immigrants and refugees to help drive employment opportunities. Our intergenerational bonding program turns loneliness into meaningfulness by fostering friendships between people of all ages through storytelling, cooking, and cultural activities. We have mentorship programs for women, and also offer disaster relief in crisis situations.

How does your work in America translate to India and Sri Lanka?

In the States, we bring awareness to the work that CORD does through ambassadorships, fundraising, youth engagement, and service visits. Our ambassadors carry out CORD’s mission in America by creating community development opportunities that are in line with CORD’s model and mission. We want to proactively engage youth and instill a passion for service in them. We organize visits to CORD centers in India in Sri Lanka for those who work with us to get first hand experience serving others and to see the fruits of their labor in action.

How can individuals best support your work?

Over the years, people who have been touched by our work have raised funds and awareness to spread our reach. We’ve had walkathons, readathons, banquets, and community events to fundraise for our important work. Many corporations have added CORD USA to their donation matching lists, which helps us receive additional funding to keep our programs running. Our enthusiastic donors are what help us make an impact in local communities.


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