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Students Bridge Cultural Gaps

The American Exchange Project, or AEP, gives students the opportunity to “study abroad” in areas of the country that are culturally and politically different from their hometown. This summer, Kaya Woo left her liberal town of Berkeley, California, to spend time in conservative Dodge City, Kansas. Woo’s exchange partner, Franley Rodriquez, showed her the ropes of Dodge City, which included befriending cowboys, eating pickle flavored shaved ice, and exploring farmlands. When Rodriquez made her way to California, she kayaked, learned about gender pronouns, and ate In ‘N Out burgers with Woo. Despite their vast differences, the students still found common ground and formed a strong bond. AEP hopes to expand to schools all over the country so that every student can have the experience of seeing the country from a new perspective by branching out of their comfort zone.

Image via CBS News

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