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Stopping a Robbery

When Michael Armus Sr. was waiting in line at Bank of the West in Woodland, California to deposit a check, he heard a commotion break out at the bank teller’s desk. The 69-year-old overheard that a patron at the bank passed a note to the teller saying that he had explosives and wanted cash. Armus stepped in to help and realized that the man attempting to rob the bank was his former neighbor and friend of his daughter. Armus calmly approached 42-year-old Eduardo Placensia and started chatting with him about life and work. Placensia admitted that there was no job for him in Woodland and he didn’t know what else to do. Armus gave him a hug, and their moment of connection was enough to stop Placensia from going through with the bank robbery. Though Placensia was still arrested for attempted robbery, Armus is being hailed a local hero for using kindness to disarm the situation.

Image via ABC News

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