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Promoting Peace: How to Help Victims of Hamas Terrorist Attacks

The humanitarian crisis in Israel and Gaza following Hamas’ surprise military attacks has left thousands of civilians dead, injured, and displaced. Time is of the essence to get basic necessities and emergency relief to the scene, which is why this week Be-Roll is sharing resources to help the cause in lieu of a Dream Job Alert segment.

What organizations need donations to provide on-the-ground support to those in need?

  • United Hatzalah is a volunteer-based emergency medical response group that provides free care across Israel. Their medics are seeking donations to cover the cost of equipment like resuscitation kits, oxygen, defibrillators, bullet proof vests, and more. Donate here!

  • Friends of the IDF is a non-military organization founded by Holocaust survivors that provides resources to Israeli Defense Fund soldiers and their families. FIDF is using donations to fund temporary field hospitals, intensive care transport, plasma kits, and more. Donate here!

  • The Sderot Foundation offers support to the community of Sderot, which is less than a mile from Gaza and has been battered by terrorist attacks. The Sderot Foundation has a Medical Center for emergency care and a Resilience Center, which is an emotional emergency room for those seeking mental health support from the trauma. Donate here!

  • Palestine Children's Relief Fund provides humanitarian and medical relief to children in Palestine who have been impacted by the violent attacks. As access to food, clean water, and medical care becomes limited, PCRF is using donations to continue their life-saving work. Donate here!

Where can I learn more about these attacks and the history of the conflict?

Understanding the breadth of this war can be complicated, but it’s vital to educate yourself on the subject. Misinformation on the conflict is spreading on social media, so be sure to verify your information before sharing it. These articles break down the saga into digestible facts:

How can I cope with the endless traumatizing headlines?

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the violent videos, images, and stories emerging from the Hamas attacks. Psychologists recommend taking breaks from the news and social media if you feel an increase in anxiety— you can stay informed without lingering on disturbing details. Talk to friends and family, research ways that you can help, and seek care from a mental health professional if need be. It’s normal to have an emotional reaction to horrifying events, whether they relate to you or not. Above all else, give yourself permission to feel and time to process.


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