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Meet the Team Behind: Operation Warm

Operation Warm provides warmth, confidence, and hope through basic needs programs that connect underserved children to community resources they need to thrive. Over the past 25 years, Operation Warm has served over 5 million children in 2,000 communities across the United States and Canada. Learn more about their work here!

What is the mission of Operation Warm? 

Operation Warm utilizes the powerful gift of brand-new coats and other essential clothing items to empower children and families in need. Our mission reaches beyond providing warmth; we strive to promote equitable access to fundamental necessities that everyone deserves, such as food, healthcare services, and educational resources. Together, we are transforming lives and making a lasting impact on communities across the nation. 

Who are the children that Operation Warm serves?

Operation Warm ensures that the brand-new coats and shoes we gift go to the kids that need them most. Our beneficiary organizations are nonprofits and 501(c)(3) organizations who support children and families in need, such as Head Starts and TItle 1 schools where over 40% of students’ families are at or below 150% of the federally prescribed poverty level. Operation Warm also works with urgent need human service organizations like homeless shelters, community libraries, foster care agencies, and more. 

Why does Operation Warm focus on coats and shoes?

By providing new coats to children in need, we help them stay warm and comfortable, which can improve their school attendance and overall academic performance. The experience of receiving a brand-new coat or shoes can boost a child’s self esteem and confidence, which has a positive impact on their social and emotional development. By working with schools, community organizations, and other partners, we help bring communities together to support children in need. This can foster a sense of connectedness and social responsibility among community members, which can have long-lasting benefits for everyone involved. 

What are Operation Warm’s coats and shoes like? 

Operation Warm works directly with manufacturers to create high quality coats and shoes in new styles and colors every year. The coats have a detachable hood, water repellent shell, fleece lining, and deep pockets. Our shoes have durable soles, come in kid friendly colors, and have velcro for toddlers and laces for kids. All Operation Warm clothing and shoes come in a range of sizes and are machine washable. 


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