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Meet the Team Behind: Off Colour

Off Colour is on a mission to empower BiPoC to increase representation in entertainment and make the media industry more inclusive. By critiquing current storytelling practices and creating ideas to change those norms, Off Colour is helping to bring more diverse characters and plotlines to the big screen. Learn more about their work here

What is the story behind Off Colour?

Off Colour is a global nonprofit platform talking about media, culture, and politics through the lens of race. On March 20, 2016, Off Colour joined the internet as a Twitter account advocating for more BiPoC in fandom and entertainment spaces. From writing reviews and interviewing award winning creatives, we grew to become a diverse group of marketing specialists, entertainment journalists, authors, filmmakers, and more— all brought together by a shared goal of empowering ourselves and elevating the creative industries. We became a nonprofit collective that critiques, commentates, and consults on all aspects of the art and business of storytelling. 

How does Off Colour increase BiPoC representation?

Our goal is to engage Black folks, non-Black indigenous folks, and other people of color. We want to be accessible to them, no matter where they are, and encourage them to speak up and change the world we live in. Whether it’s working red carpets, consulting in a writer’s room, crafting marketing campaigns, or leading diversity initiatives, Off Colour is there to champion meaningful inclusion and turn these ripples of representation into waves of cultural change. We have over 30 creative consultants, editorial, and social media staff members in nine countries across the globe. 

Can you tell me about your content?

Our target audience are individuals aged 16-35 with an interest in pop culture and entertainment news, and we have reached over 137,000 total viewers. Our website has interviews, reviews, and op-eds about all entertainment niches like anime, books, gaming, music, and more. All Off Colour pieces have a cultural hook that makes them relevant to a BiPoC audience. Our contributors have written about the latest season of Bridgerton, interviewed the Black hairstylist who worked on The Little Mermaid remake, and recapped comic conventions. 


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