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Meet the Team Behind: Next City

Next City publishing journalism that features marginalized voices and identifies solutions to oppression. By sharing real stories and workable ideas to over 2 million readers each year, Next City connects people, places, and solutions that move society forward. Learn more about their work to liberate cities from oppression here!

What kind of content does Next City publish? 

Next City publishes hundreds of stories on solutions to urban issues each year, leading ultimately to a narrative shift about what’s possible. Research has found that when news stories discuss potential answers to problems, readers leave feeling more knowledgeable and empowered to solve them. We compile our best reporting into ebooks, host webinars, and convene live events for urban leaders. We are a continual source of innovation and inspiration, elevating marginalized voices for diverse perspectives, and giving readers the knowledge and support they need to lead and influence change. 

How does Next City change communities?

As the world is increasingly urbanized, the need is urgent for solutions that counter systemic inequity and injustice. Next City believes people of cities can create change in our communities if we can connect with each other and spread knowledge about solutions. We use transparent, fair, accurate journalism to amplify groundbreaking and overlooked solutions that uplift those who are excluded by systems of power. By leveraging the power of our platform, we connect changemakers, cultivate their ideas, and cultivate grassroots leadership across cities. With Next City, democracy is strengthened as people liberate cities from the systems and cultures of oppression. 

Who is your audience? 

Next City readers share our vision for the transformation of cities. Our core audience consists of individuals working in city planning, finance, architecture, media, academia, transportation, and the arts. They are thinkers and doers who wear many hats in their communities and can use Next City as a resource to change processes in cities. We unleash the transformative power of solutions-based journalism to equip communities and their leaders with the knowledge and connections to reimagine cities as liberated places of economic, environmental, and racial justice. 

Can you tell me about your plans for the future?

We hope to gain recognition as the leader in journalism about the equitable and just solutions that contribute to collective liberation in cities. We will continue to leverage the power of our signature programs to convene and cultivate an engaged and diverse network of leaders from across sectors to achieve community action that advances equity and justice in cities. We will focus our business model on resilience and growth, and increase our internal capacity to uphold Next City’s core values, support our goals, and strengthen a foundation for the future. 


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