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Meet the Team Behind: Hunger Free NYC

Hunger Free NYC connects New Yorkers to food resources in an effort to fight food insecurity. Beyond providing assistance on a local level, the parent nonprofit Hunger Free America advocates for policies that combat poverty and food deserts across the country. Their work has helped millions of people access benefits, learn about their options, and join the movement to end hunger. Read more here!

What is the mission of Hunger Free NYC?

Hunger Free NYC is an affiliate of Hunger Free America and serves low-income New Yorkers. We help NYC residents access their SNAP & WIC benefits, provide guides that contain comprehensive information about where to go in each neighborhood for food help, and work with community members to develop leadership, advocacy, and organizing skills. Hunger Free NYC is a community - we can help New Yorkers get the food they need and also share ways to join in the fight against poverty and hunger in our city. 

Can you tell me about the hunger problem in NYC and America writ large?

Ending poverty is the key to ending hunger anywhere. Until workers are paid a higher wage, the government expands the federal food safety net, and there are more living wage jobs, there will continue to be hunger in America. 37.2 million Americans live in households that are defined as food insecure, meaning they are unable to always afford enough food. Since the pandemic, food insecurity has increased dramatically. While food insecurity is highest in the South and Southwest, it is a serious problem in all states, including New York. 

What is the Hunger Hotline?

Anyone can call the Hunger Hotline at 1-866-3-HUNGRY for information about alternative food programs. Hunger Free America operates the National Hunger Hotline on behalf of USDA. The hotline is a resource for individuals and families seeking information on how to obtain food. The National Hunger Hotline staff connects callers with emergency food providers in their community, government assistance programs, and various social services. 

What kind of policies does Hunger Free NYC advocate for? 

Hunger Free NYC leads the national advocacy movement to end hunger in America. Our groundbreaking advocacy campaigns and research provide data to support our fight to end hunger and increase equality across the nation. By working with officials at every level of government, we advance policies to end hunger and promote economic justice. Some of the bills we are focused on include The Farm Bill, The HOPE Act, Child Nutrition, and College Hunger. Our advocacy victories include influencing minimum wage increase, ensuring additional government funding for food programs during the pandemic, and expanding universal school meals.


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